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Everything on this site, text, pictures and style, is produced by myself, i.e. Oliver Jelinski. Everything on this site is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons licence Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5, unless otherwise stated. To attribute me, if you use content from my pages, please link my website or cite my name. The content of externally hyperlinked pages does not necessarily reflect my opinion.

You can contact me by writing an email to: oliver[at] for everything concerning the content.

If you have questions or suggestions according to anything technical, you may write to: webmaster[at], which of course is me, too.

If - contrary to all expectations - you would like to support me with money or something similar, or if you want to offer me a well paid job in Berlin, you may write to, which also is no one else than myself.

The [at] has to be replaced by an @ as a matter of course. This notation is a destitute attempt to keep robots from finding my email address and producing spam in my postbox.

I do not want to publish my real world address because everywhere in this world (especially in Germany) there are evil skinheads who do not like anything better than thrashing me.

And the following is how I look when I am lucky ;-)

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[picture of a skull that was painted fast with a cheap graphic-program]
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