some of my friends

This category of my site is of no special meaning. Who at all should be interested in who are my friends. Because I do not only like my friends but I like what they do as well (certainly not really in all cases), I refer to them anyway. Astonishingly many of them, of which I know that they have much to say, do not run any websites. So I refer to the rest here.

-- [ext] -- the artist website of Stefan Roigk.

-- [ext] -- the MySpace page of Stefan Roigk.

-- zeter und mordio [ext] (de) -- a little publishing company for fiction and more, that is carried on by Maya Birken.

-- [ext] (de) -- the website of Maya Birken.

-- Erinnerung [ext] (de) -- weblog of an old friend of mine, who currently lives in berlin, too.

-- alkohol verändert menschen [ext] (de) -- a weblog that would not suffer from being expanded a little bit.

-- Still Waiting [ext] (de) -- Weblog of a friend of mine, which in my opinion is very interesting regarding politics of the everyday.

-- malb [ext] -- the homepage of Martin Albrecht, on which especially the blog [ext] may be of interest, which deals with cryptography and open-source development. Maybe it is not interesting for everyone -- surprisingly.

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