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On this site, under the different categories reachable above, you will find nearly everything that may be interesting about me, i.e. Oliver Jelinski, except what you can read, see and listen to on the website ratiophorm.net [ext], on myspace.com/ratiophorm [ext], on del.icio.us/r4m [ext] or on last.fm/user/r4m.

As you may have recognized, this site is not owned by an organisation but by a private person. Its name may confuse. Yet it is not improbable for the responsible person to found jelinski.org, in case of becoming owner of any means of production accidentally.

Changes of this site will be documented under the category [home], that is: exactly here.


Internet Presence of Oliver Jelinski

[picture of a skull that was painted fast with a cheap graphic-program]
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