music I like

-- brainwashed [ext] -- my favourite web radio. Much stuff of the Legendary Pink Dots, Current 93 and the like, but also much Meat Beat Manifesto. A mix, that does not allow to open up its unity but that fits for most moods.

-- sender records [ext] -- definitely the best techno records all over the world, and you can listen to them for free on this site.

-- r4m at [ext] -- music I like at [ext]. is not as interesting as I thought. You almost always only get what you knew before, if you are a little bit into music. For example if you want something similar to Joy Division, you get The Cure, New Order and The Smith. Boring. But it is web2.0, so it is a must :-).

-- ratiophorm [ext] -- and of course my own music.

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