I study philosophy since 1996. Until 2000 I was attending lectures at the University of Hanover [ext] (de), mainly held by Peter Bulthaup, Hans G. Bensch [ext] (de), Frank Kuhne [ext] (de) and their tutors. An essential part of my education was achieved by attending the semi-universitary courses of the Gesellschaftswissenschaftliches Institut [ext] (de). During this time I especially worked on what you could call canonical texts, that is Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, Hegel and Marx.

Beside of what had to be learned officially, it was Adorno, who played a very big role in my (so to say) free time studies.

2000 I moved to Berlin, and since then I study at the Freie Universität [ext] (de) and attend lectures mainly held by Andreas Arndt [ext] (de). According to this, Hegel stayed in the centre of my investigations. And that was not accidentally because a pleasant professor who crossed my way held many lectures on Hegel, but because I still consider that every reasonable philosophy has to deal with the philosophy of Hegel.

Since I do not need any more proofs of attendance for a long time now and my examinations (with Andreas Arndt as examiner) are behind me, lectures a not any more an outstanding part of my studies. I do most of my research in private now. The matter that is of special interest to me is whether you can learn something substantial from postmodern writers even from the (in my opinion reasonable) point of view of a critical Hegelian. I suppose so in case of the question for the structure of symbolic orders and I will follow this question.

This is mainly all about rethinking the concept of enlightenment -- and not as an end in itself, but out of political reasons --, which has its substance not alone in replacing areas of no knowledge by areas of knowledge, but rather in reorganising subjective orders. That has much to do with the concept of immanent critique, but does not end up in this concept. A first prospect in this direction can be found in Phase 2.28 under the name Helden in glänzenden Rüstungen und die Wirklichkeit - unfortunately in german language only.

If you are interested in my work, I would be pleased, if you contacted me via mail to: oliver[at]jelinski.org


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